Virtus Asset Management

Portfolio Companies

Virtus Asset Management focuses on making investments into companies with a strong management team and strong market potential. We currently manage assets of over $50M and our portfolio is concentrated on industries of strategic importance to the development of middle class Mongolia. 


Baruun Bayan Trans LLC

BBT is a mining operator company contracted to the Ovoot Tolgoi coal mine at South Gobi Sands (SGX). The company is an experienced operator with over 100 technicians and with equipments worth over $30M. Ovoot Tolgoi mine is one of the most successful coal mining operations in Mongolia with estimated reserves of over 350M tonnes of quality coal. 


MD Credit NBFI 

MD Credit NBFI is a joint venture between Mongol Daatgal and Virtus Asset Management, created with a sole purpose to create innovative new lending and fintech products. Mongol Daatgal is the largest insurance group in Mongolia with an extensive network of branches scattered throughout the country. 

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Nexus NBFI 

Nexus was established with a social impact purposes in mind. The NBFI supports small and medium enterprises, especially those that are led by women entrepreneurs. Since its launch in 2016, the company has successfully deployed its resources to support over 20 promising businesses.


Your Project...

We are always looking for opportunistic projects and great ideas that can leverage on our financial and operational experience. If you have next great idea, feel free to contact us to initiate first round of discussions.