Close relationship with the industry leaders

In many ways, doing business in Mongolia has not changed much since nomadic days - it relies on sustained network and good reputation. Virtus Asset Management sits on a privileged position of having a transaction history with most of the Mongolian business groups in finance, mining and trade industries. 

Our highly qualified team of experts consist largely of investment and business development professionals. We have a strong track record in banking, insurance, real estate, agriculture and mining industries, and through our connections we focus on sourcing and vetting the best deals.

Rigorous analytical process

Through extensive experience in deals and loan transactions, Virtus has developed its own rigorous vetting systems to identify the best opportunities in the market. We do so through careful analysis of the management team aspirations, industry prospects and market size. Based on our analysis, we build comprehensive financial models and optimal deal structures.

Hands-on management portfolio

At the same time, the firm’s partners and directors actively contribute to the direction of the portfolio companies. Virtus Asset’s pro­fes­sion­als not only offer strate­gic support through board memberships but also take pro-active roles in a achieving robust management objectives, in­clud­ing mar­ket­ing and brand­ing ini­tia­tives, HR drive, and over­haul­ing tech­nol­ogy sys­tems.